The Events Club helps great clubs, events and activities run at Makespace

This club is for any members who want to run or help support running Makespace clubs, events, talks, socials and other community activities.

The group worries about things like:

  • Understanding what help and support Makespace could give clubs and events

  • Sharing ideas, observations, issues and best practice among different club leaders

  • Helping people start new clubs and events

  • Putting in place conventions and common infrastructure to make it easier for clubs and events to run - e.g "Cyberspace" pro zoom account, a "Makespace Studio" for video creation or live streaming

  • Managing the events calendar and deciding how we allocate resources like the classroom

  • Promoting clubs and events to help people discover and attend them

Please join the group to get involved or be kept updated!

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Events Calendar Allocation

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